Thursday Sep 08 2022
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Amber Heard's baby 'keeps changing sizes', world confused if Oonagh is real

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Amber Heard is accused of 'using' her baby to gain public sympathy.

The Aquaman star, who lost against ex-husband Johnny Depp in their scandalous defamation trial in April, is being blamed for posing as a mother to one-year-old Oonagh Paige.

Heard made headlines after she was spotted with her little one in Israel last month. While the actress did not reveal her daughter's face for the cameras, paparazzi photos often showcased Heard walking on the streets of Tel Aviv in an empty strolled.

"Someone just pointed out that Amber Heard's baby keeps changing sizes. And its true. Go check it out. She stated her baby turned one recently," a Twitter user pointed out.

Earlier, another user @TheDUIGuyPlus claimed that Amber Heard rents her baby.

"I can confirm that Amber Heard does not have a baby...She does not have a kid and rents or borrows a kid for her Instagram shots and her stroller is a prop used to garner sympathy. You can't even match up the babies' faces across the shots."

Responding to the claim, one netizen went on to ask: "We've wondered who takes care of baby as she dines, shops, parties, & travels the world. Do her defenders stand by her renting babies?"

Heard welcomed Oonagh on April 8, 2021 via surrogate.