King Charles to ‘permanently’ exile Prince Andrew Queen’s death?

King Charles is expected to permanently phase out his younger brother Prince Andrew after Queen's death

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King Charles is expected to permanently phase out his younger brother Prince Andrew now that the Queen has died, as per royal experts.

After Buckingham Palace announced the monarch’s death on Thursday, it was confirmed that her son Charles will now be King, and his disdain for his younger brother is well known.

Yahoo News on Friday, September 9, quoted royal expert Robert Jobson echoing the same fact, highlighting how any decision regarding Prince Andrew will certainly fall on King Charles and his heir Prince William, who has made his dislike clear.

“There will be no public role or comeback for York, if the Duke of Cambridge has any input on the matter – and let me assure you, he does,” Jobson said quoting a source.

“He should be banished, as far as Prince William is concerned,” the insider added.

It is pertinent to mention that Prince Andrew fell out of royal favour after he become embroiled in a sex abuse scandal when a woman accused him of having illicit relations with her when she was a minor as part of convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s ring.

Despite his troubles, Prince Andrew remained the Queen’s favourite child, and rushed to her bedside in Balmoral as soon as news of her health was announced.

As of now, his royal future hangs in the balance as he reportedly received an annual salary from the Queen from her private £21 million a year Duchy of Lancaster income. The decision of continuing this now lies in King Charles’ hands as the Duchy is in the trust of the reining King.

Andrew’s home, Royal Lodge in Windsor, will also be a cause of concern as it is a Crown Estate Property.