Kanye West wants to help Kim Kardashian set up her new Malibu house: ‘He’s happy’

Kanye West is happy that ex Kim Kardashian has bought a house near his property in Malibu

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Kanye West is reportedly happy for his ex Kim Kardashian after she bought a $70 million beach house in Malibu near to his residence.

The rapper has offered to help his former wife set up and renovate the house according to report published by Hollywood Life.

“Kanye has offered to help Kim renovate but she feels like handling things on her own,” insider told the publication. “As much as she appreciates the gesture, she’d prefer to handle this alone.”

“Other than the house next door to her Hidden Hills property, this is the first home she’s purchased on her own since the split and she wants to be totally hands on with decorating and everything.

“Kanye is happy for Kim that she also found a place in Malibu,” the source said of the Praise God singer, who has a property close-by Kardashian’s new home.

“There’s still enough privacy and distance between them that it would never be an issue of too close for comfort,” the source added.

The outlet further shared that the Skims founder “consulted” West before buying the property because living nearby would make co-parenting their four kids easier.

“Kanye and Kim have been able to meet in the middle lately when it comes to decisions about their kids, and this has made things so much easier.

“Most important to them is that their children know how much they are loved by both parents. This purchase truly shows unity, and the house is pretty much perfect as is,” the source revealed.