Thursday Sep 22 2022
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Gigi Hadid, Leonardo DiCaprio romance dubbed ‘real deal’: ‘They're happy’

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Gigi Hadid and Leonardo DiCaprio are "happy" as they are taking their relationship ahead, revealed insider.

The supermodel and the Titanic star’s romance is said to be heating up as an insider told Entertainment Tonight, “Gigi and Leo are the real deal.”

“They've been hanging out a lot and are very into each other,” the source added. “Things are going well between them and they're both happy."

The rumoured lovebirds seemingly confirmed their relationship after they were spotted together hanging out in New York City during the Fashion Week.

A source told at the time that the duo "looked very flirty” before adding that they were “sitting in the dining room area and were canoodling and having a fun night out with each other."

"Gigi arrived at Casa Cipriani a while after Leo did,” another insider said of their outing. “They like going there because they can be private and not worry about pictures being taken of them or people noticing them too much.”

“They are having a good time together and Leo is very attracted to Gigi,” the source revealed.