Thursday Sep 22 2022
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Camille Vasquez bashed over remarks on Amber Heard’s testimony in new documentary

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Camille Vasquez ripped over her remarks on Amber Heard's testimony as she said that Johnny Depp was too drunk or high to have attacked her in new documentary Johnny vs Amber: The US Trial.

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor’s attorney discussed the Aquaman star’s testimony saying, “That's one part of the case I've never understood.”

"He's either drunk and high and incapable of even standing up, or he's drunk and high and able to attack her, chase her, land blows? It just doesn't make sense," she added.

Vasquez’s remarks were severely criticized on social media for being “ignorant” and “incredibility stupid.”

"What an incredibly stupid argument," one user wrote on Reddit. "It's very common for people who are drunk or high to assault others."

"If she actually thinks this, I would wonder how someone like her was capable of graduating law school," the comment further read.

"Great job Camille, always keeping it up with the victim blaming as you do," another wrote.

The lawyer’s comments were also discussed on Twitter as one wrote, "Imagine being this ignorant. She's clearly been blessed with never being around an addict. This statement is beyond ridiculous."

"I genuinely loathe Camille Vasquez because of how all her defenses surrounding [domestic violence] and [intimate partner violence] stem from stereotypes and victim blaming tropes,” another tweeted.

“Nobody would be taking her seriously if her target wasn't Amber, she is genuinely bad at her job,” it further added.