Friday Sep 23 2022
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Fans react to Kate Middleton and Prince William's new happy pictures

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Fans react to Kate Middleton and Prince Williams new happy pictures

Royal fans showered love and praise on Prince William and Kate Middleton as the Prince and princess of Wales were pictured for the first time since Queen Elizabeth II's funeral on Thursday.

Kate was all smiles when she made her first appearance at Windsor's Guildhall to meet volunteers and operational staff who were involved in facilitating the committal service for Queen Elizabeth II.

The unsung heroes worked behind the scenes on the day itself and in the run-up to the service to arrange portaloos, bins, road signs and move flowers among other duties.

Responding to the pictures of Kate, one fan wrote on Twitter: "Beautiful couple."

They added: "Proud of the Prince and Princess they have held up well over the past day, but the days ahead of them will be sad, but the rest of the country is with them. God bless."

Another reacted: "A nice gesture for the Prince and Princess of Wales to take time out of their mourning period to personally thank unsung heroes."

A third user agreed, saying: "Service and duty - just as our beloved late Queen taught them."

Kate and William were both dressed in black outfits for the engagement, as it comes amid the seven-day period of royal mourning.