Friday, September 23, 2022
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Camila Morrone broke up with Leonardo DiCaprio as he wanted to settle down

Camila Morrone wanted Leonardo DiCaprio to 'put her in his movies,' claims source

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Camila Morrone reportedly dumped Leonardo DiCaprio because he wanted to settle down and have babies with her.

An insider told The Sun that the Titanic star wanted to have a family of his own while the model-actor needed to focus on her career.

“It was Camila who broke it off with Leo because he wanted her to be home having babies and she wants to have a career,” the source told the outlet.

“He has got to that point in his life where he wants to have a family,” the insider revealed. “But Camila has been working towards her dreams since she was 16, when she was in James Franco’s movie Bukowski.

However, the outlet further shared that the Death Wish star was “more upset” with the Hollywood hunk because he “didn't do anything for her career.”

“Everything that she did was on her own, even though she's been with him for four years,” the source said. “He could have introduced her to a bunch of people and put her in his movies.”

“Leo wanted her to have babies and stay home but if you want somebody to do that you’ve got to make a commitment. What commitment is he making?

“He didn't introduce her to anyone because he doesn't want her to be famous and have a career, obviously.

“Leo wants to have a family but still play around. A man who really wants to be committed would put a ring on it,” the source dished.