Wednesday Sep 28 2022
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Kate Middleton limited Meghan Markle to 'small talk' in fear of 'secrets leak'

Web Desk

Kate Middleton did not want to get into trouble over bonding with Meghan Markle in UK, says expert.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, royal expert Neil Sean explains the reason Kate would have kept her distance from the Duchess of Sussex.

He began: "She [Kate] was indeed terrified and wanted Meghan to keep away from her.

"Simply, because she felt that whatever was said, discussed, even an informal chat, could have been leaked out."

He added: "I'm not suggesting, and neither was Catherine I might point out, that even small talk, but you seemingly never know.

"As we told you recently, Gayle King seemingly had a hotline to whatever was going on.

"[And] was able to speak, at length, to a media US team about, you know, the fact that things weren't going particularly well."

He added that you can "understand Catherine's reticence to get involved".