Wednesday Sep 28 2022
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Meghan Markle warned Archie will be 'spoilt brat' due to distance from blood

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry son, Archie Harrison, could struggle with social settings if he stays away from the royal family.

According to royal expert Angela Mollard, the Sussex toddler needs to bond with uncle Prince William and his kids; Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis,  in order to shape his personality.

Ms Mollard said: “Is Archie growing up seeing Charlotte, George and Louis?

“They’re clearly not because they’re having no connection with them.

“Unless behind the scenes there’s some repair going on.

“But Harry making the comment that he and his brother are going in different directions has huge ramifications not just for themselves but the children.

“When you’re a royal and you can’t just go knock on your next door friends door and go and have play your cousins actually matter, they matter a lot.

“I hope that they can resolve it.

“Otherwise Archie will become one of those spoilt brat children, won’t he?

“You need to knock around with your cousins," Ms Mollard concluded.