Wednesday, September 28, 2022
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Prince Harry to lose millions if he ‘dampens down’ memoir content

Prince Harry's memoir deal could 'turn around' after changes in the royal attack, claimed an expert

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Prince Harry could end up only receiving half of the amount he decided to receive for his much-anticipated memoir if the Duke makes changes in the content of the book.

During his appearance on the Australian TV show Sunshine, royal expert Robert Jobson said: “I don't know if he can dampen it down because if does then the amount of money he's been paid the publishers might turn around and say, we don't want to pay you the rest.”

“As it's an autobiography and we know it's been penned by somebody else but the fact is he's got to own every word, hasn't he?

"The narrative, whatever way you look at it, if people disagree then you've got a problem because it's going to be down as the narrative for William and his father,” the expert continued.

Robert further added: “He's not even done a Diana, Her True Story because she could say it was written by Andrew Morton. This was written by him.”

Meanwhile, it was speculated that the royal family might have reconciliation talks with the Sussexes after Queen’s death.

Robert, however, said that the potential talks “have thrown a spanner in the works” making the Duke rethink other stories to include in the book.