Wednesday Sep 28 2022
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Britney Spears anger issues worries hubby Sam Asghari: ‘Getting worse’

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Britney Spears attitude has her husband Sam Asghari worried for the popstar as her anger’s getting “worse.”

The Hold Me Closer hit-maker recently lashed out at the entertainment industry saying that she would "rather stay home and (expletive) in my (expletive) pool than join” showbiz in Instagram post.

The Princess of Pop also rant about her 13-year conservatorship in long notes while bashing her family for abusing her and abandoning her for all those years.

Now, the singer's husband is worried that her condition is getting worse with each passing day as she keeps on venting on social media.

"It feels like Britney's anger getting worse and she's picking fights for no reason," an insider told Heat Magazine.

"She's been through so much, it's understandable that she struggles to let go of the past,” the source added.

The insider went on to say, "Everyone understands why she keeps lashing out, but her friends and Sam are also really worried."