Saturday Oct 01 2022
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'Paranoid' Prince Harry snubbed urgent meeting with William over 'trust' issues

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Prince Harry rejected meeting Prince William after his bomshells claims on 2021 ITV documentary.

Harry, who explicitly admitted that he and brother William are on separate paths, worried the elder brother over his plans.

Speaking about the incident, royal expert Richard Eden told Palace Confidential.

“The first thing William wanted to do - he was shocked - was go to see his brother and talk about it.

“So, he made contact but Harry wanted to know who would come with him, who would need to know about him coming, and William had to say ‘Well, I would have to tell my private secretary because I will have to change my arrangements for tomorrow’.

“And Harry reportedly said, ‘Well, if anyone else knows about it, do not come’. And I mean that is really an insight into the paranoia [affecting Harry].

“Just the level of distrust there was at this point and you can tell that they really were on their way out of the Royal Family by then.”