Saturday Oct 01 2022
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'Spare' Prince Andrew 'quite worried' about Charles as King: 'Still not over it'

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Prince Andrew has always despised elder brother Charles over his birth right to be King.

Royal expert, Angela Levin revealed Andrew had always been "worried" about Charles taking over the throne after Queen's death.

She told The Sun: "I think he's quite worried about his older brother King Charles. They have never got on.

"Once upon a time when they were small, Charles would be the heir, and Andrew would be the spare.

"Times have moved on and I don't think he's got over that. I think he will find it difficult with Charles as King.

"Charles has for a long time said he's not coming back to being a member of the Royal Family. He's 100 percent supported by William."

Charles became King on September 8, hours after Queen Elizabeth II's death at Balmoral.