Saturday Oct 01 2022
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Meghan Markle could ‘care less’ about the damage to the Royal Family

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Meghan Markle has come under fire and has been accused of being care less about the impact she has over King Charles’ monarchy.

Royal commentator and journalist Jonathan Sacerdoti issued these allegations against Meghan Markle.

He was also quoted telling Express UK, “I do think that Meghan came to the Royal Family at an older age than some non-royal spouses do with an experience of fame and how to deal with the press and publicity that came from a very different backgrounds, that of acting and modelling rather than royalty.”

“So, even though there are other non-royals who have married into the Royal Family, they tended not to come from that sort of background.”

“So I think that in Meghan’s case, it would be fair to say that her experience is of getting notoriety and fame and celebrity through tried and tested means, and that they don't necessarily work very well for the Royal Family. Now, those who don't like her might say that she's deliberate about it now and she doesn't maybe care about the damage it might do the Royal Family.”

“Other might say him she doesn't realise the difference, and by her own admission, if you take her words at face value, she said in previous interviews that she didn't understand how the British tabloids and the Royal Family worked when she entered into this. And so maybe she didn't realise how this worked in the UK and internationally when it comes to royalty.”

“Either way, I think there's an admission on her part in the past that she didn't know how the royals worked with the press, and then as she actually got to learn them, she didn't like them.”