Amber Heard ‘flashy’ trip to Spain deemed bad move by PR Experts

Amber Heard vacation with daughter and girlfriend to Spain amid huge debts analyzed by PR experts

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Amber Heard has been spotted enjoying her vacation in Spain with daughter and girlfriend despite owing huge sum of money not only to ex Johnny Depp but to her legal team as well.

The Aquaman actor has said to have opened “flood gates” to be brutally ripped over her trip as people question how she is paying for the vacation while claiming to be bankrupt.

In a report published by Newsweek, PR experts weigh in on how the actor’s latest move makes her appear in front of general public while owing $10.2 million to Depp and $15 million to her lawyers.

"Anything you do that is covered in the media is like being judged in a global public court," Kelly Brady, CEO and founder of Brandsway Creative expressed her general thoughts on the matter.

"If you are going through money problems publicly, and then you are photographed living it up on a lux vacation, you're just opening the flood gates to be ridiculed, to be doubted, and called a liar, even if you are not paying for this trip,” she added.

Another PR expert Jared Shapiro, founder of public relations firm The Tag Experience, shared that from public point of view, the Pirates of the Caribbean star is still "playing it better" following the bombshell libel trial.

"Amber Heard traveling the world, and she can't pay her bills and Johnny Depp has found love with his lawyer. Even now, after the lawsuit—at least from a PR standpoint—he's playing it better,” she noted. 

"Public relations is always an uphill battle when you've got something to try and convince people of," she added. "It does take effort and a team. It's also very easy, if you want to pull it off, to hide.

She said that she would advice Heard to "lay low and not to do anything flashy" amid money issues and avoid "shopping or taking a luxury holiday.”

Shapiro continued: "What you do in the public eye needs to support the narrative you are trying to sell, not the narrative the 'haters' are trying to create."