Tuesday Oct 04 2022
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Liz Truss accused of 'suppressing' King Charles as 'powerful Britain voice'

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Liz Truss is warned against 'suppressing' King Charles on the world stage.

The new British Prime Minister has reportedly adviced Charles against attending the COP27 UN Climate Conference in Egypt- a cause, the monarch is very passionate about.

Speaking about the decision, historian and author Sir Anthony Seldon rejected Truss' new policy of undermining the 74-year-old.

Speaking on Sky News, Sir Anthony said: “The monarchy is our greatest asset on the world stage. Why on earth would you want to suppress King Charles?

“Particularly after the death of the Queen, people will be wondering, 'can Britain do that again with a global figure?'

“We have that in King Charles - he has got a longer track record on the environment than just about any other figure on the world stage.

“Why on earth would you want to suppress him from speaking and reminding the rest of the world that Britain is back with a powerful voice on issues that truly matter to the world," he concluded.