Tuesday, October 04, 2022
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Prince Harry will find it ‘virtually impossible’ to stop book going public: expert

Prince Harry warned of the 'risk that the earlier version' of his book 'could be leaked'

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Prince Harry has been warned of the difficulties he may face in preventing the contents of his new book from going public.

Journalist Jonathan Sacerdoti told Express.co.uk, “I haven’t heard anything about the books being pulped.

“There are times when publishers have to do that, for example, if they lose a legal case because of something printed in a book.”

The expert however added: “If it’s true that Harry’s book is being rewritten or re-edited after it had been signed off and possibly even been produced to a nearly finished state, then there is also a risk that the earlier version could be leaked and made public even if a decision is made to change the focus or tone things down.”

“That’s always going to be a risk that will maybe make some people afraid. The further down the line it was, the more people will have seen it, and the more digital copies of it there will be in circulation,” he continued.

“It’s virtually impossible for something to be truly withdrawn these days once it has been seen and sent around even just internally at the publisher.

“So even if it’s edited and changed before it’s published, the original text will always be a possible threat,” he added.