Wednesday Oct 05 2022
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Shakira ex Gerard Pique seemingly takes jibe at her over their 10-year age gap

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Shakira's ex Gerard Pique subtly threw shade at the singer over their 10-year age gap months after breakup.

The Barcelona player took her new girlfriend Clara Chia Marti to a Paris trip according to a report by Marca Magazine.

Following the new lovebirds’ getaway, Pique is said to have made a comment that may have been a taunt towards the Waka Waka singer.

A source close to the footballer said that Pique told his friends, "I feel younger,” after he started dating 23-year-old PR student.

The sports star’s remarks are believed to be a dig at 45-year-old singer, who shared an age gap of 10 years with 35-year-old footballer.

According to some reports, Pique even took Marti to a restaurant in the European city – said to be Shakira’s favourite dining spot – where they were also captured locking lips.

Pique made his relationship official with Marti, who used to work at his production company Kosmos, two months after separating with the Colombian singer.