Thursday Oct 06 2022
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Johnny Depp’s ‘drunkard disorderliness’ has execs ‘fuming in rage’

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Johnny Depp is currently being put on blast for his allegedly ‘drunkard rage,’ towards executives in Disney.

The information has been brought to light via a declaration by Depp’s former agent Tracey Jacobs who pointed out the “drunk and stoned” behavior that became common knowledge on the Disney set.

The issues reportedly esculated to the point where the ‘infuriated’ executives at Disney refused to “put up with him” any longer.

Even Depp’s paralegal produced a document that highlighted “his behavior, and his inconsistencies and violent outbursts.”

She testified to the court bout Mr Depp’s anger and how “more than a couple of times” Depp would become so angry that “it really concerned” her.

In her testimony she even went as far as to say that everything ended up “intensifying as time went on.”