'Animal-lover' King Charles will be coronated with 'cat oil': 'Is he aware?'

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King Charles, monarch of Britain and animal rights activist, will be coronated with 'cat oil' in May, reveals an expert

Radio broadcaster Liz Kershaw in a recent interview with GB News revealed: "The coronation oil that you're anointed with, it's got cat oil in it."

Ms Kershaw continued: "It's an ancient recipe made from a certain species and one of the ingredients is the oil from a certain species of cat, called a civet."

She continued: "So, is Charles - is he aware? Is he going to let that go?

"It brings up all sorts of issues. Is anybody going to be wearing ermine, the fur."

Meanwhile, editor Freddy Gray joked: "No animals were harmed in the making of this coronation."

"Charles prides himself on his eco-sensitivities and he is sensitive to animal rights," the group added.

Charles will be coronated alongside Camilla on May 6.