Tuesday Nov 15 2022
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Meghan Markle is on a 'mission to take down Royal Family’

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Meghan Markle has been accused of being on a ‘mission’ to destroy and take down the British royal family with her comments and interviews about them, a royal expert claimed.

Royal commentator Dan Wootton sounded off on the Duchess of Sussex earlier this year in August, soon after she sat down with The Cut for an explosive interview in an effort to promote her Spotify podcast Archetypes.

Writing for The Daily Mail, Wootton said at the time, “There comes a moment in every toxic relationship where friends and family of the wronged party must put their own grievances aside to save their loved one from a life of misery. That time has now come for Prince Harry’s relatives.”

“Because it’s now abundantly clear to anyone that Meghan Markle appears to have no grip on reality and is on a mission to take down the Royal Family, no matter the cost,” he added.

Wootton further stated, “Meghan appears to be on a mission to cause maximum damage to her British relatives by deploying dubious ‘truth bombs’. The issue is that most of her carefully designed monarchy and media-damaging grenades are usually questionable.”

“It’s obvious to me they no longer have a shred of respect for the Queen or the monarchy, an institution they seem to wish to damage, even as they continue to profit off their connection to it,” the expert concluded.

The claims came just days before the death of Queen Elizabeth in September this year, which then saw Meghan and husband Prince Harry return to the royal fold to attend her funeral.