Friday, November 18, 2022
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Meghan Markle doesn’t sound ‘authentic’ on Archetypes podcast, royal commentator

Royal expert suggested that Meghan Markle should 'rip up the script and sound more authentic'

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Meghan Markel continues to host her Archetypes podcast since August.

While the Duchess of Sussex aims to “dissect, explore and subvert the labels that try to hold women back” through her podcast series, some royal commentators have shared their different thoughts on the way she hosts the series.

TV host Ian Collins discussed Meghan’s podcast latest episode – with Jameela Jameel as a guest - which focused on the judgments women face in the world of activism.

Collins said that the duchess started off the interview by greeting Jameel, in a “peculiar British accent” and noted that how much the episode focused on ‘complaining.’

“I just find that it has an underpinning, a curious sort of underpinning, to always belch out some kind of imagined injustice,” Collins said on Talk TV.

Commentator Daisy McAndrew listened to Meghan’s Spotify podcast and shared her opinion that Meghan sounds ‘scripted and unnatural.’

She expressed her thoughts saying that the podcast would be better if Meghan went off script and spoke from the heart.

“I don’t always approve of Meghan,” said McAndrew. “She has annoyed me intensely in the past. But I understand where she’s coming from; I get it. I find her podcast sounds to me very scripted and quite unspontaneous.”

McAndrew further added, “I wish she would rip up the script. There are occasions where she goes off script, and she sounds much more genuine and authentic, which of course, is the whole point about a podcast. You’re meant to be talking from the heart.”