Meghan Markle told to 'bruise' less if she wants to be President: 'More quid'

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Meghan Markle warned she would have to become tough if she wants entry into US politics.

Royal author Tessa Dunlop told TalkTV that the Duchess of Sussex is looking for a window to enter the White House.

"Historically, America has always been envious of the tinsel and the mystique that comes with our Royal Family.

"They have in effect an elective kinship, Meghan's got the prince and now she just needs to get herself into position to get into the White House."

Royal expert Robert Jobson notes: "She probably needs a few more quid to be honest.

"When was the last non-multi-billionaire president.

"I think you go back as far as Jimmy Carter.

"They may think that they really have the publicity but Meghan gets bruised quite easily, doesn't she?" he noted.