Sunday Nov 20 2022
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King Charles' anger 'is the worse thing for the Royal Family

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Royal experts warn Princess Diana’s marriage to King Charles reportedly featured ‘violence’ that was always ‘inevitable’.

This insight has been issued by Christopher Andersen, an author and biographer in an interview.

He told Fox News Digital about Princess Diana’s marriage to King Charles and admitted that even protection officers for the Palace became ‘weary’ of seeing weapons lying around the place.

This is especially true since King Charles reportedly “has had a huge temper” and admitted, “I mean, it’s an incredible temper. The tantrums constantly and throwing a bootjack [at her]. It’s a heavy wooden device for putting on hunting boots, and it’s made of iron and wood. He threw it at Diana’s head and just missed her.”

He also feared the presence of guns all over the Palace since “they love shooting parties. So there are shotguns and handguns for security and rifles [for] security forces…”

Because of this “they were worried that there was such violence. So many screaming and shouting [and] slammed doors.”

“Don’t forget Diana, when she was three months pregnant with [Prince] William, she threw herself down the stairs and landed at the feet of the queen and Princess Margaret. So there [were] many violent episodes. It could have gotten much worse. And [security] was afraid that not only somebody might commit suicide, that somebody might do harm, [but] we might be talking murder. So they tried to keep the weapons away from the royals.”

Even housekeeper Wendy Berry, witnessed a lot of “slammed doors and pitched battles” and branded it “the hallmarks of day-to-day life.”