Thursday Nov 24 2022
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Prince Harry to leak ‘darker secrets’ from royal life

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Prince Harry is reportedly working behind the scenes to divulge more details about the darker parts of his life with the upcoming memoir.

This claim has been made by royal commentator and expert Nick Bullen, in his interview with Us Weekly.

He started by telling the outlet, “We have a documentary [coming out] in December. We've got the book in January.”

“And, you know, Netflix have paid a lot of money for this documentary. ... So, Harry and Meghan [Markle] are gonna have to say more than, 'We have a lovely life in Montecito and we love each other.' You know, there needs to be some meat in this sandwich.”

He even went as far as to recall conversations between Prince Harry and old pals, who helped him ‘drudge up’ old memoirs and warned, “some of the darker moments in his life” may be added in the memoir.

Mr Bullen also added, “Now, whether that's for the book or the documentary, I don't know, but I know a lot of people have been saying to him, 'Why are you going back over this old brand? Why are you digging all of this up again?'”

Before concluding he added, “So, I think those closest to him in the U.K. or those who were very close to him in the U.K. in the past are slightly concerned about how far he's going. Now, whether he puts all of that in the book or the doc, I don't know, but he's certainly been doing a lot of early childhood research.”