Friday Nov 25 2022
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King Charles made Queen see 'depth of hurt' Diana death gave Britain

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King Charles III took a stand for ex-wife Princess Diana upon her demise. 

The new monarch reportedly fought with the Queen in 1997 to have a 'deserving' funeral for the former Princess of Wales. 

Royal expert Christopher Andersen tells Kinsey Schofield on her podcast that the father-of-two was "up against the Queen" as she "didn't understand the depth of feeling that people had" following Diana's death.

Queen did not want to "fly the flag at half-mast" and wasn't going to "give Diana the proper burial, funeral, that she deserved".

Ms Anderson continued: "[It was] all Charles that did it.

"He stepped up in a big way."

Speaking about a "regret" that Charles has till date, Mr Anderson touched upon His Majesty "convincing [William and Harry] to walk behind the coffin".

He added: "I think Charles now feels a little guilt about having convinced them to do that."