Friday Nov 25 2022
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Prince William thinks Prince Harry is ‘malicious, cruel’?

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Prince William is expected to find Prince Harry’s upcoming memoir Spare ‘malicious and cruel’, with an astrologer suggesting that he already thinks his younger brother ‘challenges’ him.

In a chat with Showbiz Cheat Sheet, astrologer Joy Yascone-Elms shared that Prince William may see Harry’s upcoming memoir Spare as particularly malicious, given that he already doesn’t think the best of his brother amid their royal rift.

Joy said: “Harry’s Saturn in Scorpio impacts Prince William’s career house. So, he has always felt that Harry has challenged his career growth for good or bad.”

“This is why Spare may be perceived as malicious and cruel by Prince William” she continued, adding, “Even though that is not Prince Harry’s intention.”

“Yet it is important for the brothers to note that nothing would make their mother happier than Prince William and Prince Harry finding healing and being united as brothers, even in their differences,” Joy further said.

“The brothers must recognize that they each had very different experiences growing up and very different lenses in which they process life events.” This is shown more than ever in their birth charts,” the astrologer concluded.