Saturday Nov 26 2022
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King Charles being upstaged by Kate Middleton?

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Kate Middleton, who drew all the attention during the King Charles III's first state visit with the South African President, has been talk of the town for her ever growing popularity.

The princess of Wales took all the attention away from the new monarch at the Buckingham Palace state banquet. She stole the show as she wore a gorgeous white dress and Lover's Knot tiara, which was a wedding gift to Princess Diana. 

A royal commentator has noticed the Britain's new king is facing the same situation he did with Princess Diana due to Prince William's wife Kate's charismatic personality that forces cameras to turn towards her at every big event.

Speaking to Palace Confidential, Richard Eden said: "I think he's getting used to it. Isn't he?

"Remember the day the Charles was proclaimed King. He wasn't on the front pages because the Sunday papers had all that walkabout at Windsor with Catherine, William, Harry and Meghan.

"I'm sure it does wrangle a bit. He was sort of known to be resentful when Diana used to get all the headlines. Now he's King but it's Catherine on the front pages."

Mr Eden said: "But it was Catherine who was wearing the finest jewellery. People love to see her."

He added: "Handsome man though Charles is, I think we're in the business of selling papers. So, we do want the most appealing person on our front pages."

The Princess of Wales had all eyes on her as she wore £14,500 brooch on her blue sash, previously spotted at Remembrance Day service earlier this month. Her show-stealing outfit is reminiscent of Princess Diana's time in the Firm when she used to make headlines while members of the Royal Family and then-Prince Charles were overshadowed by her stunning appearances.