Sunday Dec 04 2022
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Adam Sandler 'didn’t think about critics' when initially started making movies

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Adam Sandler didn’t think about critics when initially started making movies

Adam Sandler hilariously shared of the time he was ignorant of the critics and wasn't aware that people could hate his movies.

In a recent conversation on his Netflix show Hustle, Adam Sandler went back to his first movie, Billy Madison, which he co-wrote with Tim Herlihy.

According to Variety, Sandler began, "When I was 17 and I got into this, I didn’t think about critics I didn’t even realize that stuff was coming. I just thought you made movies, people go see it."

He continued, "When Billy Madison came out, me and my friend who wrote it, we were just like, ‘Oh yeah, they’re going to write about this in New York!’ We grew up reading the papers, we were going to NYU."

Talking further about his first realisation, Sandler added, "And then we read the first one and we were like, ‘Oh my god, what happened? They hate us.’ And then we were like, ‘It must have been this paper,’ but then 90% of the papers are going, ‘This is garbage.'"

The 56 year old comedian said that he learned to live with criticism after his second and third movie.

He said, "And it’s okay, I get it. Critics aren’t going to connect with certain stuff and what they want to see. I understand that it’s not clicking with them."