Sunday Dec 04 2022
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Royal family racism row is ‘blown out of proportion’, say experts

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A former head of the Royal Protection Unit Dai Davies and anti-racist campaigner Kofi Mawuli Klu weighed in on the racism claims against the Royal Family.

During their appearance on Matt Frei’s show on LBC, Dai said: “I'm dismayed on all fronts...Lady Hussey is a woman of exemplary character who has been tried by the media on the say-so of one character witness."

He said that Lady Hussey has "never put a foot wrong" and is "surprised that nobody questions the motive" of Ngozi Fulani.

Kofi responded to Dai saying: “Why is it that those who are perpetrators of racist violence...want to be defining what racism is?" and labelled the royal family a "white supremacist institution steeped in racism".

However, the ex-police officer further argued: “We've blown the whole thing out of proportion. Yes racism is totally wrong...but asking somebody who is dressed in a lovely, African outfit where she might come from is not unreasonable."

Kofi replied: “You say there is nothing racist about that...this is the result of your own racist miseducation."

"I will have a certain level of excuse for the lady in question because she herself is a victimised product of the British establishment's racist miseducation of its own people," the anti-racist campaigner added.