Sunday Dec 04 2022
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Trevor Noah cheers up on Ghana win against South Korea

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Trevor Noah's country might not be playing in the Fifa World Cup 2022 but the comedian has already chosen his favourite side.

During the Daily Show, the comedian shared that he’s been rooting for Ghana while expressing delight at the team’s win against South Korea.

"Who do I support for this World Cup? Ah, that's a tough one. Obviously, if South Africa is not in the World Cup, which is most of the time, I immediately switch to Ghana,” he expressed.

“They are No. 1 for me. I am glad they won the game,” Trevor said.

The comedian has been vocal about his viewpoints contradicting Qatar’s policies regarding the World Cup.

"Coming from South Africa [and] watching the World Cup in the United States of America, black people all over the world were celebrating the Africanness of the French players," he said.

"Not in a negative way, but rather in a positive way, going, 'Look at these Africans who can become French.' You know what I mean? It's a celebration of their achievements,” he added.