Wednesday, December 07, 2022
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Meghan Markle ‘enraged’ as Prince Harry’s old flings leak: ‘He withheld’

Meghan Markle is reportedly ‘fuming’ over Prince Harry’s past flames coming forward when ‘she knew nothing about them’

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Meghan Markle has reportedly erupted into a fury as Prince Harry’s past romances and flings have come into focus.

For those unversed, Prince Harry is known to have had a fling with 34-year-old Real Housewives of DC star Catherine Ommaney, who recently went on the record to dish over her ‘passionate’ time with the Duke.

However, her public admission has given rise to inside claims about Meghan Markle’s reaction.

According to Closer UK, Meghan Markle “was well aware Harry had a past” and “that he was a serious playboy who was a big hit with the ladies back in his youth” and he has “never hid that from her when they first got together.”

But, “Many of Harry's dalliances weren't discussed at all,” during personal chats “so there's an element of Meghan reading about certain relationships; and secrets he shared with other women for the very first time.”

"That's embarrassing and causes an element of agony. It's as though Meghan's being blindsided with revelations about her husband that she never knew. She could do without marriage shocks.”

This comes even though Prince Harry reportedly asked her to stay relaxed on the subject as “it's difficult when the shocking affair is plastered all over the internet and covered in almost every news outlet.”