Meghan Markle 'six hours of whining' is nothing close to 'healing'

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry called out for their Netflix docuseries

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are receiving flak for constantly complaining in their new documentary.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who laid bare their problems with the Royal Family, are accused of defaming the institution by airing their dirt laundry.

The former BBC royal correspondent told the Sunday People : “They live in a Californian mansion with two gorgeous children and a fantastic lifestyle while the rest of us are worrying about whether we can turn a radiator on. Why can’t they just go away and enjoy themselves?

“It is utterly self-indulgent and terribly timed when people are choosing between heating or eating in the middle of winter. And they are releasing six hours of whining. They put themselves forward publicly as advocates of healing when all they are doing is hurting people. There is nothing healing about this. And judging by the trailers, it will only get worse.”

“All that I can see is that Prince William was right all along when he said Meghan was woefully unprepared to enter the royal family,” she said.

“William gave Catherine ten years to peer inside the goldfish bowl of the royal family to acclimatise and know what life would be like inside. So when she did enter the family, she slotted right in. Now she is a hugely admired role model and future queen. But any suggestion from William to take things slowly was rejected by Harry.

“He was head over heels in love and wanted to get on with it. It is clear now from Meghan’s astonishing level of unpreparedness revealed in this series that William was entirely correct.”