Monday Dec 19, 2022
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Jennifer Aniston wants to date Harry Styles, she’s ‘unfazed by the age gap’

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Jennifer Aniston is allegedly eyeing romance with Harry Styles to one-up the singer’s ex-girlfriend Olivia Wilde.

An insider reportedly spilt the beans to National Enquirer that the Friends alum has a longtime rivalry with the Don’t Worry Darling director.

In its, Dec 26 issue, the publication reported that the 53-year-old actor has been leaving likes on Harry’s Instagram posts to hint that she’s unfazed by their “25-year age gap”.

"Jennifer has always drooled on Harry. He's a dream catch for anyone who's lucky enough to date him," a source told the publication.

The insider also shared that the actor finds the One Direction alum’s ‘edgy style’ very attractive.

Jennifer reportedly "has all his songs on her playlist and has heard great things about him through mutual friends."

The source further claimed that her mind was blown away to know about Harry and Wilde’s romance.

The insider further added that Jennifer is "doing her best to land a date" with Harry and that she "feels quietly confident she's got a real shot with him."

"She truly believes they'd click and figures there's no harm in shooting for the top. Her standards are as high as they've ever been even after all the bad luck she's had with guys," the insider added.