Thursday, December 29, 2022
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King Charles labelled the ‘wokest’ monarch in British history

King Charles has been called the ‘wokest’ monarch in British history by a royal commentator

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King Charles was called the ‘wokest’ monarch in British history by a royal commentator who lauded him for how he conducted his first Christmas as King.

Clemmie Moodie, in a column for The Sun, highlighted that while Charles’ brother Prince Andrew’s attendance tainted the Royals’ Christmas festivities, the monarch’s handling of the affair ‘played into his MO’.

“Andrew’s presence was the only duff note in the new King’s first Christmas Day at the helm,” Moodie wrote.

She then stated: “But it also plays into Charles’s very MO — he is surely the wokest, most right-on monarch in British history.”

Moodie went on to explain: “While Henry VIII would have had Andy’s head — or quite ¬possibly willy — lopped off by now, and Richard III would have whacked him in the Tower with nothing but Fergie for entertainment, Charles is far, far more forgiving.”

“Last week, though, he showed he isn’t afraid to get tough — barring his sibling from using Buckingham Palace as an office space. The move, one overwhelmingly backed by his subjects (us), -effectively severing his final tie to Andy’s old, cushy life as a working royal,” she concluded.