Prince Harry inviting 'knife' towards Meghan Markle, kids with 'Taliban' confession

Prince Harry could get death threats with Meghan Markle and children after Taliban confession

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Prince Harry has seemingly got his family into trouble with confessions about killing Taliban.

The Duke of Sussex, who reportedly reveals how he ended dozens of Afghanis in his memoir titled 'Spare', has made an 'immature' confession.

Expert Will Geddes says: "Prince Harry claiming to have killed 25 Taliban has raised his, his wife and children’s threat level significantly to jihadist threats.

"No one who has ever operated in conflict zones ever discloses that kind of information."

Geddes added: "This risk he’s now amplified is the threat not only to himself but to his wife and children, and for someone who is stating he wants to remain private and want to hide in the shadows this is really drawing more light on him than is necessarily.

"Fixated persons are people very much obsessed with the Royal Family for various reasons, there are potentials for IEDs, potential for suicide attacks, potential for lone tech lone wolf attacks or lone actor attacks where someone might try and get him with a knife," he notes.