Wednesday, January 11, 2023
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Prince Harry’s claims about first date with Meghan Markle proven false

Prince Harry, in his memoir Spare, made several claims that are reportedly inconsistent

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Prince Harry, in his memoir Spare, recalled his first date with wife Meghan Markle, however, hawk-eyed royal enthusiasts have pointed out the inconsistency in his recollection.

According to OK! Magazine, the Duke of Sussex in his book described Meghan’s black sweatshirt, jeans, and heels outfit as ‘heart-attack beautiful’.

However, as per Meghan’s own confession earlier, she actually wore a blue dress on their first date, a thread from which was even sewn in to her wedding veil as her ‘something blue’.

This is just one of the many inconsistencies that have been pointed out in Prince Harry’s Spare since its official release on January 10, 2023; one other included his claim that he was at Eton when the Queen Mother died, however, news reports from the time confirm that he was, in fact, vacationing in Switzerland with King Charles and Prince William.

Commenting on these errors, royal expert Richard Fitzwilliam told GB News: “This is a serious error in a hugely controversial book.”

“That Harry is clearly wrong in his recollection of the facts as to where he was when the Queen Mother died leaves doubt as to how closely this book has been fact-checked. One wonders how many other factual errors are to be found within its pages,” Fitzwilliam also said.