Meghan Markle, Prince Harry ‘swimming’ Archie, Lilibet in blame

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry warned against giving their kids a masterclass in blame as they’re ‘swimming in victimhood’

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are reportedly making their kids Archie and Lilibet ‘swim’ in a sea of blame and victimhood.

This claim has been made by performance coach Denis Liam Murphy.

He started by telling Express UK, “Harry’s children are swimming in blame at the moment. Their parents feel hard done by.”

“Not only by their family but by the media. They are suffering from what a lot of celebrities go through.”

“They have a love-hate relationship with the media. They need it and feed it, but then complain and become the victims when it gets too much. And then realise they need it again, and so on and so on.”

Mr Murphy believes, “It is an exhausting cycle that feeds their blame-based stories.”

He even went on to add, “With that said, Harry is painting Camilla as the Cruella of the family and this can have a lasting impact on them, and their future opinions and views, with a ‘one sided’ knowledge.”

At the end of the day Mr Murphy hopes “They have the opportunity to see the world in a very different way. At some point, they can learn to self-reflect and see how adversity can lead to great accomplishments.”

“They can learn how playing the victim doesn’t serve you in the long run.”