Wednesday Jan 25 2023
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Kate Middleton to be ‘overwhelmed’ with royal responsibilities

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Kate Middleton may be in for a difficult new year, with celeb astrologer Inbaal Honigman predicting 2023 to be a ‘year of strife’ for her.

Honigman pulled tarot cards for several royal family members for the new year and told FairBettingSites that the Princess of Wales may ‘suffer in silence’ in 2023.

“For this coming year, Catherine receives the tarot card called the 5 of Wands, also known as Lord of Strife," Honigman said.

The astrologer added: “This means that the year won’t be an easy one for the busy mom. She’ll be feeling a little overwhelmed, and although she won’t publicize her struggles, she’ll be requiring extra help around the home and her family.”

Honigman further said: “Wands are cards that are assigned to the fire element, which means that the future Queen will find inner strength every time things feel a bit too much.”

“She’ll miss out on a few royal engagements due to physical overwhelm. There could be renovations at her house."

Despite May being the month of King Charles’ coronation, Honigman shared that it could end up being the ‘most difficult month’ for Kate.

“As a Capricorn that doesn’t like to show vulnerability, the princess dislikes asking for help, but it is advisable that she does,” she explained.

Honigman concluded: “This card is connected with the planet Saturn, which controls karma and patience, and the sign Leo, which is a sign of pride—this shows that Catherine will display humility during the coronation, which will win her a multitude of new fans.”