Prince Harry says with ‘every sin’ he became ‘innately naughty’

Prince Harry talks about being labelled his entire childhood

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Prince Harry is opening up about the reasons he became notorious for being ‘naughty.’

The Duke of Sussex in his memoir ‘Spare’ writes how always wanted to be the opposites of what branded him.

“Long before I was old enough to drink a beer (legally) it became dogma. Harry? Yeah, he’s the naughty one. Naughty became the tide I swam against, the headwind I flew against, the daily expectation I could never hope to shake. I didn’t want to be naughty. I wanted to be noble. I wanted to be good, work hard, grow up and do something meaningful with my days,” he writes in his book.

Harry adds: “But every sin, every misstep, every setback triggered the same tired label, and the same public condemnations, and thereby reinforced the conventional wisdom that I was innately naughty,” he notes.