time Wednesday Feb 01 2023
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Meghan Markle took private jets after 'lecturing the world' about 'saving environment'

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Markle and Prince Harry were a difficult couple of royals to deal with, says expert.

Author and biographer Valentine Low in his book notes how working for the Sussexes was a nightmare for the Royal courtiers.

He tells Fox Digital: "It was like working for a couple of teenagers."

"That’s what they were like," he adds.

"They were kind of stubborn. They were difficult. They were uncontrollable and incredibly willful.

"You look at all the things that Meghan and Harry did – for instance, private jets".

Mr Low continued "there was a time during the summer of 2019" when the couple took "several jets in a short space of time."

"You know, ‘Don’t do that because you’ve been lecturing the world about saving the environment, and then you’re on a private jet.’ Which was so bad in terms of carbon emissions," he said.

"But they wouldn’t listen to reason. And of course, when the media found out about it, Harry got severely criticized. But they were just difficult to deal with."