time Thursday Feb 02 2023
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Prince Harry thinks UK press editors are similar to ‘mullahs radicalising Iraqis’

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Prince Harry has compared the intrusive British press and paparazzi to ‘radicalised Iraqis’, suggesting that the paps are made to carry out the tasks assigned to them by their editors just like young Iraqis are made to do listen to their ‘mullahs’.

The controversial remarks were made by the Duke of Sussex in his highly explosive memoir Spare, which released to thunderous response on January 10.

Recalling a time when he was barred from joining the British Army on a mission in Iraq due to excessive press coverage putting him in danger, Prince Harry shared how he felt the paparazzi were as ‘grotesque’ as Iraqis.

“The paps had always been grotesque people, but as I reached maturity, they were worse. You could see it in their eyes, their body language. They were more emboldened, more radicalised, just as young men in Iraq had been…” Prince Harry said.

He went on: “Their mullahs were editors, the same ones who had vowed to do better after Mummy died.”

Prince Harry’s book Spare sold record copies upon its release, and has since divided readers, with many slamming the Duke of Sussex for lobbing attacks on the British monarchy.