Meghan Markle friendship plans shattered as Jennifer Aniston 'barely noticed her'

Meghan Markle did not make friends with star Jennifer Aniston

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Meghan Markle reportedly 'bad mouthed' Jennifer Aniston after being cut off from  movie role.

Back in her acting days, the Duchess of Sussex lost her chance to become friends with Aniston after challenging her acting skills.

A source tells New Idea: “When Meghan was cast in Horrible Bosses, she had all these visions of Jen seeing how amazing she was and becoming good friends.

“That didn’t even come close to happening – Jen barely even noticed she was there, and Meghan was devastated to find out her part had been cut to a mere 30 seconds.”

Meghan was reportedly "so upset" that she spoke ill of Aniston and claimed that she was "just as good."

"Most people thought it was just sour grapes," added the source.