Meghan Markle is ‘dissatisfied with the public’: report

Experts warn Meghan Markle is ‘dissatisfied with the public’ and is ‘running to mentors’ to change the tide

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Meghan Markle is reportedly running to “mentors to redirect her pursuits” after seeing a ‘dissatisfactory reaction’ to her new projects.

This claim has been brought to light by royal expert and To Di For Daily podcast founder Kinsey Schofield.

She warns that the Duchess of Sussex is “desperate to seek advice” and stop from hemorrhaging further.

She explained, “Harry and Meghan thought that the book, Netflix series, and Spotify podcast would send them off in a completely different direction - a fulfilling and financially successful direction.”

“We know from the Netflix series alone that they started developing some of these projects in late 2019.”

Before signing off she also added, “I have heard that Meghan is dissatisfied with the public and media reaction to their recent projects. So much so that she is seeking guidance from mentors to redirect her pursuits.”

These admissions comes shortly after experts weighed in on the changing outlook to Meghan Markle and how she seems to have gone from “victim to laughingstock.”