Meghan Markle used royal life to ‘take what she wanted’: ‘All for herself’

Experts believe Meghan Markle’s intentions for success were ‘purely focused on herself’

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Experts believe Meghan Markle never bought the royal life and used King Charles to ‘take what she wanted’ and it was ‘all for herself’.

Body Language and Communications expert Dr. Louise Mahler issued these allegations.

He believes Meghan Markle’s decision to marry and stick by Prince Harry was more so “for herself”.

He was even quoted telling Showbiz Cheat Sheet, “I see not just one incident, but over time, how she would change her approach. She changes her walk. She changes her smile and arm swing. Meghan changes fast and at the moment for what she feels is required.”

“One can smell if there is a discrepancy in the power balance. I don’t think she ever bought into royal life. The royal life was for her to take what she wanted. She fought against it at all times.”