Sunday, March 12, 2023
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'Star Wars' actor once nearly escaped arrest at Oscars

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Star Wars actor once nearly arrested at Oscars
'Star Wars' actor once nearly arrested at Oscars

Star Wars actor Anthony Daniel, who famously portrayed C-3PO in the space franchise, was once almost caught by police on Oscars night.

In his book I Am C-3PO: The Inside Story, the actor revealed he headed to the bar after getting out of his droid suit and leaving the entrance batch of the award ceremony.

“My personal guard reluctantly let me go off by myself. I left him to watch all my stuff, including the rather unappealing badge they’d given me. It looked like some kind of radiation alarm and certainly didn’t go with my smart clothes.”

When Daniels exited the elevator, he found the boot of “a fully weaponised police officer” blocking his path.

However, they thought he was a gate-crasher without the golden suit and wanted to arrest him.

“Time stopped. My future life flashed in front of me. I’d be hand-cuffed, fingerprinted, imprisoned with who-knew-who, my professional life over, left a laughing stock,” Daniel wrote.

Daniel further added the officer's attention diverted to some other place, and he instantly seized the moment.

“Without even looking, I stepped neatly backward [into the elevator] and pushed a button. When he turned around, it was too late for his boot to stop my escape. By the time he’d raced up the stairs to the next level,

I was clinging gratefully to my personal minder and flashing my badge at everyone.”

Meanwhile, Daniels attended the Academy Awards several times with his popular Star Wars outfit.