Twitter lashes out at PML-N senator for attacking Mahira Khan

Senator Dr Afnan Ullah Khan also spews vitriol against Anwar Maqsood

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Screengrab of Mahira Khan during the event An Evening with Mahira Khan at the Arts Council, Karachi on March 19 with Farhan Saeed critcising the PML-N senator who made a derogatory comment against MAhira and Anwar Maqsood. — Twitter/@ACPKHI
Screengrab of Mahira Khan during the event "An Evening with Mahira Khan" at the Arts Council, Karachi on March 19 with Farhan Saeed critcising the PML-N senator who made a derogatory comment against MAhira and Anwar Maqsood. — Twitter/@ACPKHI 

Several social media users, including actors Farhan Saeed and Adnan Siddiqui, have taken to Twitter to call out Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Senator Dr Afnan Ullah Khan for his derogatory and “misogynistic” remarks against ace actor Mahira Khan and renowned satirist Anwar Maqsood.

The insulting remarks came a day after the Humsafar starlet revealed her support of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan during an event organised by the Arts Council of Pakistan in Karachi on Sunday.

While discussing politics, Maqsood quizzed Mahira about which political party she supported.

The starlet took the mic and said: “There was a film released recently.”

“You support the movie?” Maqsood asked.

After another moment of silence, Mahira said: “Mae pathaan ki tarf hun [I side with pathaan].”

This statement seemed to have earned Mahira the ire of Dr Afnan who took to the microblogging platform to condemn her and the host.

The senator tweeted: “Mahira Khan has mental health problems and Anwar Maqsood is drunk at this stage of his life. Both these shameless characters are cursed by the public. Books can be written on Mahira Khan's character. She also flatters Indian actors for money. And Anwar Maqsood is a cursed character full of prejudice.”

As the senator's tweet went viral, Twitterati lashed out at him for attacking two of Pakistan’s top stars and intellectuals.

Amongst those who have stepped up to voice their dismay at the attack are Farhan Saeed and Adnan Siddiqui.

Farhan seemed furious and tweeted: “This is the mentality that doesn’t let #Pakistan grow, this is what they do when someone just gives an opinion or has a political preference. They get personal so people stop giving their opinion. Senator? Zuban jahilon wali.”

Fellow actor Adnan Siddiqui too came out to the Bol star's defence, writing: “Such disgraceful behavior from a public figure is unacceptable. The disrespect shown to Anwar Maqsood sahib and Mahira Khan, respected globally, is a reflection of his character, not the icons the gentleman insulted.”

One tweep wrote: “This is why we hate PMLN and its leadership — they're loathsome, misogynist and rotten to the core.”

Another user demanded that PML-N respond to the tweet for attacking the two in a “filthy manner”.

“This is a PML-N Senator, check the language. Chairman Culture is attacking in this filthy manner Mahira Khan, Pakistan’s biggest female superstar, and Anwar Maqsood saheb, one of Pakistan’s most respected intellectuals. Any response?”