Prince Harry breaks silence on Firm's sabotage attempts against Meghan Markle

Prince Harry recalls the moment he tried coming clean about the bid to ‘sabotage’ Meghan Markle

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Prince Harry recalls moment he ‘finally’ admitted to Prince William about the attempts to ‘sabotage’ Meghan Markle’s image.

Prince Harry broke it all down in his memoir Spare and recalled “the first time in a long time my brother heard me out, and I was so grateful.”

“Someone suggested that before I left I should step outside with Willy. Cool our heads. All right. We went up and down the yew hedges," she also added.

“The day was freezing. I was wearing only a light jacket, and Willy was in a jumper, so both of us were shivering.”

“I was braced for a lecture. It didn’t come. Willy was subdued.”

“He wanted to listen. For the first time in a long time my brother heard me out, and I was so grateful. I told him about one past staff member sabotaging Meg. Plotting against her.”

"I told him about one current staff member, whose close friend was taking payments for leaking private stuff to the press about Meg and me.”

“My sources on this were above reproach, including several journalists and barristers. Plus, I’d made a visit to New Scotland Yard.”

“Willy frowned. He and Kate had their own suspicions. He’d look into it. We agreed to keep talking.”