Prince Harry told King Charles he can never 'forgive' his 'abuse'

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Prince Harry told Prince William and King Charles he would never be able to forgive them.

Writing in his memoir Spare, the Duke of Sussex shed light on Prince Philip’s funeral day, when his father and brother approached him for a chat.

He writes: “I told them I might learn to endure the press, and even forgive their abuse, I might, but my own family’s complicity— that was going to take longer to get over. Pa’s office, Willy’s office, enabling these fiends, if not outright collaborating?”

Harry added: “Meg was apparently a bully—that was the latest vicious campaign they’d helped orchestrate. It was so shocking, so egregious, that even after Meg and I demolished their lie with a twenty-five-page, evidence-filled report to Human Resources, I was going to have trouble simply shrugging that one off.”