Prince William was not ready to 'accept defeat' against Harry at Prince Philip funeral

Prince William and Prince Harry got into an argument at Prince Philip's funeral

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Prince Harry admits Prince William realized their relationship has been tormented at the hands of media.

Writing in his memoir ‘Spare’, the Duke of Sussex admits he felt pain when his elder brother ‘swore’ on Princess Diana that he still loved him.

Writing about Prince William, Harry confesses: “He saw that we were in a place of such hurt and doubt that even those sacred words couldn’t set us free. How lost we are, I thought. How far we’ve strayed. How much damage has been done to our love, our bond, and why? All because a dreadful mob of dweebs and crones and cut-rate criminals and clinically diagnosable sadists along Fleet Street feel the need to get their jollies and plump their profits—and work out their personal issues—by tormenting one very large, very ancient, very dysfunctional family.”

Harry adds: “Willy wasn’t quite ready to accept defeat. I’ve felt properly sick and ill after everything that’s happened and—and…I swear to you now on Mummy’s life that I just want you to be happy. My voice broke as I told him softly: I really don’t think you do.”